Commuter dance

Sometimes just getting out of the bed in the morning can be a long journey, at least for me for sure.. This morning was not different then many other that has been this week. the Coffee smelled of coffee the shower i cannot remember i had, but my wet hair tells me that I must have went in the shower. Pouring the hot coffee down to just get enough energy to proceed with the morning-routines.

Normally i take the car or my bike to work, but this morning was not like other, i had to go on a journey I had to move my self out among the civil people out among the commuter people. That is what I want to tell you about, these commuter people, these kind of robot like individuals, that stands, sits, walks like there is no one else around. They are not at all unfriendly, they just seem to fit in between each others just like the airline traffic in the sky, running like pearls on a wire. Here I stand this misty morning observing this morning dance of the commuters.

The trains goes slow but steady, the commuters moves around in the train as the stations are passed, they perfectly know what side the door opens they know where to stand, where to walk and for sure talking is not permitted in the morning trains. PLEASE BE TOTALLY SILENT HERE… did not see this sign, but I can see the rule written in all the commuters faces. I keep my mouth shut and just keep my eyes open.

My train ride toward the CPH central station is about to end, I get out of the door while i wondering if these commuters even realised what a wonderful journey it is to observe this dance in the morning… I guess they just like me when having the morning shower, realize that they were here because that they are now in their offices in time to check their inbox and be online social.

Have a beautiful day 🙂